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    Professional & Trusted Range Rover Service In Sharjah
    انة سيارات Range Rover الاحترافية والموثوقة في الشارقة
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    Premium Maintenance & Servicing Of BMW
    صيانة وصيانة مميزة لسيارات BMW الآن في الشارقة
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    Top Notch Equipment For Mercedes Servicing In Sharjah
    معدات من الدرجة الأولى لخدمة Mercedes في الشارقة
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    Highly Sophisticated Audi Servicing In Sharjah
    خدمات Audi المتطورة للغاية في الشارقة
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    High standards of excellence in Porsche Servicing
    مستويات عالية من التميز في خدمة Porsche في الشارقة
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    State Of The Art equipment for Jaguar Servicing
    أحدث المعدات لخدمة Jaguar في الشارقة

Welcome To
Al Surah Al Thaminah Auto Maintenance, Sharjah

It's really difficult to find a Range Rover or Germanian Luxury Cars Service center that will solve your problem with priority basis, expert mechanics and yet offers competitive prices, no matter how complicated the problem is. Here at our garage we offer you everything to fulfill your contenment and a totally distinguished taste of servicing experience in Sharjah.

We are one of the leading German cars (Range Rover, Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Jaguar) service centers in Sharjah. We have the confidence and 10 years long of experiences in all types of repairs and maintenance for luxury cars. Our team of experienced and reliable mechanics will provide any required and desired car maintenance in Sharjah. To find us our location on Google Map live please click here.

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What We Do

Al Surah Al Thaminah Auto Maintenance is a renowned, friendly, professional and efficient Range Rover along with all types of German Cars Servicing Center in Sharjah.

Our rates are highly competitive and the service that we offer is unmatched throughout and around Sharjah. Our utmost trying is to ensure our clients satisfaction through our quality service.

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Our Recent Works

Complex Work, Simple Solution!! That's our mission. In time of leaving the workshop, our utmost tryting to make you happy and satisfied. Because of our quick, accurate and budget-friendly service, We have proudly served lots of our clients with different complexity of works recently.
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Why People Love Us

We have experienced technician with 10 years of vast experience. So we can guarantee a Quick service yet accurate and competitive service cost.

We adhere to the highest service quality standards to ensure your satisfaction.

Your time is precious so we ensure that every work is carried out quickly but surely.

When Should I Get My Oil Changed?

Oil changes are vital for your vehicle. Without them, your car simply wouldn’t run after some time. So be sure to get your oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. If you drive often or drive long distances frequently, you may need to get them at closer intervals.

Does My Check Engine Light Let Me Know When I Need Car Maintenance?

Well, not exactly. It illuminates when you are in dire need of car maintenance or repair. Your trusted mechanic, coupled with your car’s owners’ manual, will let you know when you need car maintenance. That is because car maintenance should be on the preventative side. You do not want to wait until there is something wrong to take action.

When Do I Need to Replace the Fuel Filter?

Just like spark plugs, fuel filters should be replaced every 30,000 miles or so. You can couple this service with your spark plug replacement and get them done at the same time.

Al Surah Al Thaminah Auto Maintenance

For Range Rover, Land Rover and German Luxury Cars we are an expert. Call us at 056 224 1422, 050 933 9123 for dependable auto service and car maintenance you can trust. We are highly-trained and experienced mechanics that specialize in German Cars servicing. We offer the most competitive prices in town, as well as, discounts on online booking! Call or Chat on social network services anytime for any kind of query or help! Thanks!

Latest News

  • Al Manama Business Man Services

    Corporate Partner

    Air Conditioning System of my car was not working properly as it was showing problem and driving experience became frustrating. One of my friends recommended me the name of Al Surah Al Thaminah Auto Maintenance in Sharjah.
    Services are wonderful and affordable too. They solved the problem in a successful way. Now I am driving my car better and in a peaceful way.

  • Hadi Tourism LLC

    Corporate Partner

    Break system of my car made me tensed and its totally about the safety. After reaching the Al Surah Al Thaminah Auto Maintenance Sharjah, I got the exact solution for what I was searching on break issues. They made all necessary changes as well as brake inspection ABS diagnosis and repair along with hydraulic repairs, brake pad replacement, wheel mechanism

  • Arabian Web IT

    Regular Client

    Complete auto repairing and maintenance was overpricing and expensive for me in getting it repaired in most of the repairing centre in Sharjah. Mechanics at Al Surah Al Thaminah in Sharjah provided me the complete solutions yet competitive prices.

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