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Air Conditioning Check

Your car's air conditioning system is a vastly useful piece of equipment allowing you to stay cool in the car on long, hot summer days as well as de-misting and keeping your windows clear in the cold embrace of winter. Get your air conditioning system looked at with us located in Sharjah.

It's really important of having fixed the issue of A/C problem in the harsh weather conditions in UAE, especially in summer. Your comfort is something that should not be compromised as this greatly affects the way you drive. Here at Al Surah Al Thaminah Auto Maintenance, our goal is to give you the best of both worlds—comfort and safety. This is why we offer a thorough and reliable car AC checkup.

Air Conditioning Check


When you notice any of the following in your car, it’s time for an Car AC checkup:

  • unpleasant odor coming out of your vent
  • no or warm air out of the vents
  • humming or rattling noise when the AC is turned on
  • presence of leaks

Our expert A/C system technicians have already serviced and repaired all types of German Cars & Range Rover air conditioning systems. Hence, no matter how simple or complicated your car’s AC problem is, you can rest assured that it will be fixed effectively.

Air Conditioning Check


The car air conditioning system is highly important for comfort, especially in UAE, where it’s steamy hot. We recommend you should complete a climate installation diagnostics test of your favorite car at least twice a year with our team of experts. We offer high-level air conditioning services and diagnostics equipment to perform repair services at Al Surah Al Thaminah Auto Maintenance in Sharjah.

Many issues can be responsible behind the faulty A/C System. It’s possible a diagnostics check will determine if the problem is major or minor. Rest assured, our experts will bring your car to full compliance within the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost possible.

We’re located in 12 Industrial Area, Beside BMW & Toyota Showroom, Sharjah; call us to schedule your next appointment: 056 224 1422, 050 933 9123.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) How much does it cost to fix the air conditioning in the car?

- You may need to replace sensors, a condenser, compressor, or hoses. Minor auto repairs are generally low-average cost, but air conditioner repairs could be expensive depending on make and model of car.

b) What are the symptoms of a bad AC compressor?

- The symptoms are :

  • Higher than normal temperatures in the cabin of the car because the AC is not blowing cold air.
  • Unusual noises when the AC is on.
  • Clutch is not working.

c) Can I drive my car with a bad AC compressor?

- It’s okay to drive your car, but you shouldn’t turn on the AC if the clutch is not working properly. Besides, the unit would not blow out cold air.

d) Why did my car AC suddenly stop working?

- Typically, the AC will stop working if the compressor is defective or if there’s a leak or a clogged filter.

  • Price : Minimum Cost - 500 AED
  • Minimum Fix Time : 2 Hours
  • Working Hours : Everyday 10am to 10pm (1:30pm to 4pm Prayer & Lunch Break)
  • Call For Query : 056 224 1422, 050 933 9123
  • Chat With Us : Click on any social media icon showing on the bottom of your screen. We will reply immediately.
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