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Air Conditioning Check

Your brakes are the most important safety-critical system fitted to your vehicle and it’s essential that they are inspected regularly to ensure they remain in good working order. To ensure you get the best prices on brakes, speak directly to one of our local expert mechanics.

Book a FREE visual detailed brake safety inspection now. Our fully trained technicians will check the shoes, drums, cylinders and brake fluid.

Air Conditioning Check


If you notice any of the following you should have your brakes checked by a National expert to find out whether any components need replacing.

  • If your brakes feel too hard or too spongy
  • If the vehicle pulls to one side when braking
  • If you can hear unusual noises when you press the brake pedal
  • If your steering wheel vibrates when slowing
Air Conditioning Check


These may be the tell-tale signs of the gradual deterioration that occurs over time, within a vehicle’s braking system. If you suspect that your brakes are not functioning as well as they should, we recommend that you have them checked by a qualified technician.

We’re located in 12 Industrial Area, Beside BMW & Toyota Showroom, Sharjah; call us to schedule your next appointment: 056 224 1422, 050 933 9123.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) How much does it cost to fix the air conditioning in the car?

- You may need to replace sensors, a condenser, compressor, or hoses. Minor auto repairs are generally low-average cost, but air conditioner repairs could be expensive depending on make and model of car.

b) What are the symptoms of a bad AC compressor?

- The symptoms are :

  • Higher than normal temperatures in the cabin of the car because the AC is not blowing cold air.
  • Unusual noises when the AC is on.
  • Clutch is not working.

c) Can I drive my car with a bad AC compressor?

- It’s okay to drive your car, but you shouldn’t turn on the AC if the clutch is not working properly. Besides, the unit would not blow out cold air.

d) Why did my car AC suddenly stop working?

- Typically, the AC will stop working if the compressor is defective or if there’s a leak or a clogged filter.

  • Price : Minimum Cost - 500 AED
  • Minimum Fix Time : 2 Hours
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