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  • 12 Industrial Area, Sharjah, UAE
  • 056 224 1422, 050 933 9123
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The top car tuning center in Sharjah for peak performance

Conducting regular maintenance on any vehicle is essential for good performance and roadworthiness. If you own a high-performance or luxury vehicle, then having engine maintenance carried out is especially important for maintaining the high standard of workmanship and quality. Furthermore, regular car tuning is essential in maintaining the quality of the driving experience.

If you need to have your luxury vehicle checked and maintained, entrust it in the hands of experienced specialists at Al Surah Al Thaminah Auto Maintenance.

Enhancing your car performance through car chip tuning for optimal output

Here at our car tuning center, we specialise in servicing Rangerover, Landrover, German and luxury cars, and are able to carry out the specialist maintenance that these cars require.

We can carry out specialist tuning services to make your vehicle perform better, and reach even higher speeds. Offering sophisticated chip tuning in Sharjah, our technicians can modify the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to have your car perform even better.

This electronic chip serves as the central control system that manages an array of performance aspects of a vehicle, including electronic throttle control, boost control, for turbocharged engines, automatic transmission, electronic stability control, and anti-lock braking. By making measured adjustments to the chip programming, we can squeeze more out of your vehicle.

When you entrust your luxury vehicle with us, you can rest assured that it will be taken care of by trained, experienced technical personnel. Get the most out of your vehicle today, enhance it through expert chip programming from Al Surah Al Thaminah Auto Maintenance.

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